Friday, August 19, 2011

Building on Strength

The New York Transit Museum is doing what its counterparts in Great Britain have already been doing, reports the New York Times. The museum seeks to assist children with autism spectrum disorders to endure less anxiety and to connect with others.

Five-year-old Ravi leads Christine Haughney's story. Ravi
can tell you how to get anywhere in New York City by transit — like the beach, on the 6 train.

“The 6 goes elevated from Whitlock Avenue to Pelham Bay Park,” he explains. “And at Pelham Bay Park, you can transfer for a Bx29 or a Bx12 — the Bx12 to Orchard Beach.”

Ravi has drafted elaborate proposals for expanded bus service in Brooklyn, and has memorized the exact date that the W train stopped running in 2010.

Her article includes this promise from one researcher.

Simon Baron Cohen, who runs the autism research center at Cambridge University, found that when young children with autism spent 15 minutes a day watching animated videos of vehicles with human faces on them, their ability to recognize emotions improved after one month.
Each person has strengths. Working with them and building on them enlarges their freedom and the freedom of others. Read the entire 13 August 2011 article.


Wiki-image of LEGO train Thomas the Tank Engine is in the public domain.

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