Monday, February 12, 2007

Where Right Is Left. . .

Labels seduce us to think narrowly--sometimes not even to think at all! Life is complex and labels don't help people to appreciate complexity. While a recent part of life, biotechnology is fiercely complex, and labels by no means help us appreciate that. As John A. Allen, Jr., observed last week:
If that's the future, one surprising consequence is that today's ideological divisions may become much less clear-cut, as opposition to the brave new world of biotechnology will stem as much from the left as the right.
The Catholic Church, as well as political entities in others parts of the world, does not fit labels that others may impose.Take a tour of the future and be surprised at how the church and political machinery in other parts of the world have been responding to biotechnological realities that the U.S. is only beginning to discuss.
DNA double-helix image is in the public domain.

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