Saturday, February 17, 2007

Friday word, 17 February 2007

6th Friday of the Year (17 Feb 2007) Gn 11.1-9; Ps 33; Mk 8. 34-9. 1
Homily of Fr. Paul Panaretos, S.J.
Jesus Heals So That We Can Reverse

The Book of Genesis narrates the faith- understanding that humans were created in the divine image and likeness and fractured their likeness through sin. It also unfolds the consequences of sin. The consequence Genesis offers us today is that sin is both personal and societal. Humans are social beings, we know well. Our natural human need for others was distorted by sin, too. Not only do individuals seek to control others, sin also scattered [people] all over the earth.

This scattering is not only geographic, it is relational, too. Jesus’ mission was to reunite people: to heal fractured and disrupted relation-ships; to join individual and societies in healthy ways. Jesus extended and continues to extend his healing invitation by his cross. The cross reminds us that we do not heal, reunite and save ourselves by ourselves. The gospel saves us if we cooperate with it.

The more each one of us cooperates with the gospel, then in small ways we join the reversal of the scattering and, we build in unity, peace and in God’s justice.
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