Monday, February 26, 2007

Fresh Invovlement. . .

. . .in a familiar gospel scene is a daily audio prayer-site. It's worth "bookmarking" the site for personal use anytime. Today's prayer invites praying-listeners into the scene, which is the gospel on the First Monday of Lent.

While each person will shape the prayer individually, everyone can appreciate in a more concrete way the "royal law" expressed in today's first reading. The Book of Leviticus is overlooked. If anyone were to read a part of it, that part ought to be Chapter 19. All the commands issued may not have a bearing on our present circumstances. All are given with the formula, I am the Lord. Holiness participates in divine life. Our least activities can participate in divine life, or they can refuse to participate in it.

Enter today's prayer to taste holy choices yourself.

Photo by Leah Love is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0

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