Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tuesday word, 05 September 2006

22d Tuesday of the Year B (05 Sep 2006) 1Co 2. 10b-16; Ps 145; Lk 4. 31-37
Homily of Fr. Paul Panaretos, S.J.
To Have and To Use

Healings and exorcisms--in this gospel passage combined in one event--demonstrated Jesus’ authority and power. The assembly spread the news of Jesus and his authority and power far and wide. Some would accept Jesus; others would reject him.

Who a person accepted or rejected was more than Jesus. A person accepted or rejected Jesus’ holy Spirit. St. Paul preached what he had done, first rejecting Jesus then accepting him.

At the end of this early portion of his Letter to the Corinthians, unfolding for us here over the next three weeks, Paul stated that we have the mind of Christ. Paul’s conviction was thematic in his gospel.

How do we know we have Christ’s mind, Christ’s attitude? Inward transformation given outward demonstration in order to build up others and the faith community is the surest sign.

The question to ask ourselves is, “Do we adopt Christ’s attitude freely given to us and do we use it?” Not to exercise this most wonderful gracious gift of God jeapordizes one’s ongoing conversion and leaves God’s convocation--the church--poorer.

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