Thursday, September 07, 2006

At Computer At Prayer

If you would like to use your computer to pray, the Irish Jesuits pioneered how to do it. Ten years ago a some of them, noticing how frequently people were using computers at work as well as at home, wondered if they could not help people also use their computers for prayer as well as for other work and recreation.

As Jesuits they were "raised" in Ignatius' favored method of praying for a 15-minute stretch. (That is just over a 1.5% of the waking hours of one's day [based on an 8-hour night's sleep].) His "Examen of Consciousness" goes by various names as it has been passed along. One name, which I stumbled upon over five years ago, expresses Ignatius' prayer in very accessible language: Prayer of Loving Attention.

If you have 10-15 minutes and would like a user-friendly guide to lead you in this Ignatian way of praying, then visit Sacred Space.

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