Friday, September 15, 2006

Friday word

Our Ladyy of Sorrows (15 Sep 2006) Hb5. 7-9; Ps ; Jn 19. 25-27
Homily of Fr. Paul Panaretos, S.J., All-school mass
Enlarging Hearts

“No pain, no gain,” the saying goes. If a Martian landed here and knew only one thing about earthlings--some have the saying, “No pain, no gain--what would you tell the Martian the saying meant? . . .Yes! all those things are right on.

Gaining, growing, learning, being kind & respectfully, being a friend of Jesus: each stretches us. The wisdom of gthe peoples of Jesus’ day knew that: their saying was: “learning is uncomfortable stretching.” This is the saying the we translate as Jesus learned. . . through what he suffered.

Jesus learned our humanity by being fully human. He stretched is heart-space to make more room for God and for people. The more we’re open to God, the more we’re open to people; the more we’re open to people, the more we’re open to God.

Jesus was this way even on the cross. Jesus gave his disciple care of his mother. His mother has great care for us. When we ask her she helps us make more room in ourelves for God and for people, too.

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