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As Important As If It Were in Our Backyard

The common good is a foundational principle of Catholic social teaching. Catholic social teaching. Catholic social teaching is both the perennial concern for people's social needs as the New Testament shows and a specific doctrine. This doctrine teaches justice for all, especially the poor and helpless as well as the removal by people of the symptoms of poverty and unjust structures.

When Pope John Paul II closed the Great Jubilee of 2000 he asked what the most effective witness of Jesus and his Good News might be. The pope answered his question by saying that the "charity of works ensures an unmistakable efficacy to the charity of words" (As the New Millennium Opens, no. 50). Jesus taught, after all, by deed as well as word, giving deeds higher priority.

To vote is to exercise "charity of works" because through voting we citizens have the opportunity to shape our govenments to remove symptoms of poverty and unjust structures.

Gatherings of Christians to mobilize themselves and attune their hearts to God's justice are most valuable. I received an email about one such gathering to happen miles from us. It is encouraging to know that Catholics are involved and taking John Paul's conviction to heart. It is too easy to become discouraged, cynical or even lose sight of how vital a role Catholics place in witnessing to Jesus and inviting others to share his concern. So, for everyone's info. . .

September 8, 2006

Eric McFadden, Field Director
Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good

Catholic Congregations Host 1st Congressional District Dialogue on Faith, Values and Public Policy

Cincinnati, Ohio – A group of religious congregations and organizations will host a discussion on faith, values and public policy at St. Joseph Catholic Church in the West End on Sunday, September 10, 2006 at 7:00 pm. Councilman John Cranley will be present as a special guest, and event organizers have also extended an invitation to Congressman Steve Chabot. Both Cranley and Chabot are prominent Catholic politicians.

The sponsoring groups invite and encourage citizens of all faiths to attend the talk, which is designed to people of faith on important political issues ahead of the November elections. These organizations believe in the Christian duty to participate fully in the political process of our nation and to promote the common good through voting and other civic action.

Special guests will discuss and answer questions about the social values of their faith, which include building a just and fair society, protecting human life and dignity, and helping the poor and vulnerable. They will also reflect on their own experiences as people of faith in public life.

St. Joseph’s is located at 745 Ezzard Charles Dr., Cincinnati, OH. Off-street parking is located behind the church.

Sponsoring Congregations:
St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church
St. Joseph Catholic Church
St. Robert Bellarmine Catholic Church
St. Vivian Catholic Church
Morning Star Missionary Baptist
Roselawn Lutheran
Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good

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