Saturday, August 19, 2006

Theft and Tradition

Saturday has been Mary's day at least from the 9th Century. When no obligatory Memorial or Feast or Solemnity falls on a Saturday, priests may choose to celebrate one of the memorial Masses in honor of the Blessed Virgin.

A deeply sad irony soured my morning when I read the news of a theft of an icon of the Virgin from a monastery in the Peloponnisos (Pel-o-PON-ni-sos) region of Greece. It is a region as lovely as it is harsh.

I was impressed by the way the local mayor put his morning's harsh news in perspective:

"Dimitris Tsigounis, the local mayor, said he hoped the icon had been stolen on behalf of a rich collector because at least it would be safe." (BBC article linked herein.)

His concern for the icon reminded me that the Virgin Mary and the Trinity, too, do not need our protection to be safe. We, however, do need to safeguard our reverence and devotion to them. We do not always do well at that--as the BBC headlined today.

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