Thursday, August 24, 2006

ATTN: Gesu Parishioners desiring to travel--only 5 spaces available

Wonders of Turkey and Greece

Manresa Jesuit Retreat House in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, asked Fr. Panaretos to be chaplain for this tour 07-20 November 2006. He asked if any places were available for any Gesu parishioners who may want to take advantage of it. He received the following information

Base price is $2599 from Detroit.*

08Nov arrive in Istanbul, 3 nights;
11Nov arrive in Cannakale via Istanbul and Troy, 1 night
12Nov arrive in Izmir via Cannakale and Pergamum, 1 night
13Nov arrive in Kushadasi via Izmire and Ephesus, 1 night
14Nov embark on cruise of Aegean isles of Patmos, Rhodos, Santorini, 3 nights
17Nov arrive at the port of Athens and visit Corinth en route to Athens, 3 nights
with free day and visits to nearby sites
20Nov arrive in Detroit

* Departure, port, embarkation taxes and Turkish visa fee are extra as are the four land excursions on the Aegean cruise; their subtotal is $453.00;
European taxes and local airport fees will depend on the airline and the
connecting city that airline uses.

Manresa Jesuit Retreat House informed Fr. Panaretos that full payment must be sent with the registration (form available from Fr. Panaretos).

Operator is NAWAS INTERNATIONAL, a pioneer in Christian tours with a 56-year history. During those years NAWAS says, "we have won an international reputation for reliability."

Cost. Fr. Panaretos: "I added the fees and the base price and they are $3052.00, which is near enough to the actual price to help anyone budgeting. I don't know if this is based on double-occupancy. Of course, personal costs and tips are not included."

[While I am not endorsing any products for sale at, I pass along a link to its latest article on easing the airport security process for anyone interested.
--Fr. Panaretos]

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