Monday, August 21, 2006

Commenting on My Blog

Yesterday at Fr. Von Tobel's delightful reception several parishioners told me they visited my blog,

Some parishioners wanted to leave comments but could not. Thanks for your patience, because it is one step at a time for me: first, getting the blog ready; and second, allowing you to comment.

As most everyone knows, a bane of the Internet is unwanted emails, and on blogs unwanted comments. These go by the name of SPAM. To prevent SPAM, which I have learned people can program their computers to send without being at their computers, I am making use of two common features: one is registration; and two is word-verification.

Wise bloggers, I am learning, deny anonymous comments. That discourages mindless and even rude comments. Denying anonymous comments is like not reading unsigned mail, which usually is written with little constructive observation. Registration opens the door welcoming serious commenting.

is a tool, which many of us who have ordered something via the Internet know but not necessarily by name. A string of a half dozen letters and numbers in random combinations appears as wavy lines. People are asked to type what they see in a box just beneath (that is, to verify the string). Word-verification denies computers with preprogrammed responses to generate them.

By visiting another’s blog, I offer you these steps to leave comments on my blog.

1. Beneath the post to which you would like to comment click on the link 0 Comments (or 2 Comments, if two comments preceded yours).
2. You will be asked for your Username and Password.
3. No Blogger account? (This appears beneath the Password box.) Then click Sign Up Here (it is a link to the right of No Blogger account?). Follow the directions that will appear to create your username and password for future visits.
4. When it appears complete the word-verification by typing the string of letters and/or numbers you see. Next, click Publish your comment.

I have made this today's post: one, so it will be here to help; and also “to scoop” the Gesu Bulletin. If you have trouble logging in, this link answers questions better than I can.
--Faithfully, Fr. Panaretos

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