Thursday, August 10, 2006

Men and Healing

An often and too-prevalent silent loss of life is abortion. Abortion usually evokes women. While abortion is a concern of women, it is not exclusively a women's issue. While I admit it very rare in my experience, over the years a few men have sought me to speak about it. I suppose I am more correct to say that a few men sought a priest, and I was the priest they found.

Both men and women make babies, and I have always wondered why men seemed silent about abortion, and many helping professions seemingly overlooked men. Surely, men have emotional stakes in abortions--choosing them or opposing them. Well, I'm again grateful to the internet, this time for maintaining an article about men and abortion. It appeared in one of the most-read Catholic magazines in February 2005.

I missed reviewing that issue of U.S. Catholic, the award winning Catholic magazine. That issue ran an article about men and abortion. It is posted on its site to which I navigated tonight. You may find it confirms what you think, too, about the matter. Or, it may enlighten you. You may even want to forward it to someone you know--men and women.

The article has a great side-bar (as U.S. Catholic articles do). It ends with a list of resources. Humans' need for healing, which means not denying but living in a healthy, life-giving way with traumas, often does not seem necessary to us. This article shows healing is necessary and also offers us new life.

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