Tuesday, November 29, 2011

In Europe, About Europe

Analysis from afar differs from its nearby cousin. Europe and its economy have received much analysis-time lately. A thoughtful, on-the-ground critique comes from J├╝rgen
Habermas. The 82-year old philosopher “is no malcontent, no pessimist, no prophet of doom—he’s a virtually unshakable optimist, and this is what makes him such a rare phenomenon in Germany,” wrote Georg Diez of Der Spiegel.
Habermas seeks to free Europe from the politicians’ stranglehold.
“I’m speaking here as a citizen,” he says. “I would rather be sitting back home at my desk, believe me. But this is too important. Everyone has to understand that we have critical decisions facing us. That’s why I’m so involved in this debate.”
Mr. Habermas is an optimist. However, his observations pack sobering jolts.
Wiki-image of the Flag of Europe is in the public domain.

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