Tuesday, November 15, 2011

At the 92nd Street Y

Archbishop Timothy Dolan and Rabbi Naomi Levy had a conversation at that famed New York venue last Tuesday. John L. Allen Jr. was its moderator. As he wrote in his All Things Catholic

At first blush, Dolan and Levy make an odd couple. She’s a pioneer female leader in Judaism, part of the first class
of women to enter the Jewish Theological Seminary’s rabbinical school, while Dolan represents a church that doesn’t permit women clergy. Levy is a married mother of two; Dolan, a celibate male. Although Levy lives in Los Angeles, she grew up in New York, while Dolan hails from St. Louis. Based on the sound of their voices, you would swear Levy, not Dolan, is the gritty, street-wise pastor from the Big Apple.
Yet beyond those surface contrasts, there’s a vast stretch of common ground, not only between Levy and Dolan, but the traditions they represent.
Mr. Allen’s states in his post the occasion for being with them.
Wiki-image of the 92nd Street Y has been dedicated to the public domain.

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