Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Presidential Dilemma

While it is good news for people of the United States, especially military families, President Obama’s earlier announcement that U.S. troops serving in Iraq “will be home for Christmas”
was not the result of a simple decision. Max Fisher, an associate editor at The Atlantic, noted that the president weighed “long-term diplomatic interests [and] short-term security interests.”
The sub-headline of the article is revealing: “The U.S. decision to honor Iraq’s barely functional political process, even when it doesn’t make the smartest choice, might be the best thing for both countries.” Read Mr. Fisher’s insightful—the U.S. has made a concerted effort to treat Iraq as an ally rather than as a subservient client state”—clear and balanced appraisal.
Wiki-image of Armed Forces in Iraq is in the public domain.

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