Monday, August 04, 2008

Reporting on a Papal Vacation Spot

Few people may recall the title, The Ratzinger Report, now over two decades old. Mr. John L. Allen Jr., in his weekly online essay reported that the place that continues to be Pope Benedict's vacation spot
was the setting for a defining moment in Joseph Ratzinger's life and career. It was in his seminary apartment, overlooking the garden, where Ratzinger granted an incendiary interview to Italian Catholic journalist Vittorio Messori over three days in August 1984. Extracts were published in late 1984 by the magazine Jesus, immediately causing a global sensation. . . .
Like most sensations of this sort, it gave rise to perduring impressions and stereotypes of the man who became Pope Benedict XVI. Mr. Allen lists several in his online essay.
Wiki-image of Brixen is used according to the GFDL.

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