Monday, August 11, 2008

Remembering Pope Paul VI

Pope Paul VI died in August 40 years ago. As the map indicates, Pope Paul traveled extensively. Mr. John L. Allen Jr. wrote in his weekly online column last Friday that Pope Paul "was among the most consequential, and, in many ways, most admirable Catholic personalities of the 20th century."

Mr. Allen also recalled the current pope's remark about his predecessor, who guided the church through the Second Vatican Council and beyond:
"Bit by bit as our view of the past expands and our understanding deepens, the merit of Paul VI in presiding over the council, leading it happily to its conclusion, and then governing the turbulent post-conciliar phase, appears ever greater -- indeed, I would say, almost superhuman."
Mr. Allen's entire weekly online column sheds light on Pope Benedict's remark and more about Pope Paul, who died 06 August 1978.
Wiki-image of the map of Pope Paul's travels is used according to the GFDL.

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