Monday, October 02, 2006

Monday word

Guardian Angels B (02 Oct 2006) Jb 6. 1-22; Ps 17; Mt 18. 1-5, 10
Homily of Fr. Paul Panaretos, S.J.
Overflowing Love

That beings are present in two realms, the world and in the realm of the divine, is very ancient. It’s much older than the bible. In the tradition of Israel, the spirits God charged to protect humans have been named guardian angels.

They, like all angels, minister before the Trinity. They also minister by accompanying people during their lives. We may never be aware of their presence although we might become aware of some of the effects of their presence to us.

One spirit, the Book of Job reminded us, had the mission of roaming the earth and patrolling it. God permitted that Testing Angel (that’s the meaning of the name Satan) to see how much Job counted on God.

Was that Satan Job’s guardian angel? If angels protect us, their protection leads us to rely more on the Holy One, who created and sent angels on their guarding missions. Job certainly forged a fresh, stronger relationship with his Creator & Lord of the universe.

The psalmist sang, God gave his angels charge over you to protect you in all your ways./1/ We don’t understand our own ways all the time; we may never understand God’s ways. Our faith reminds us that God’s merciful love overflows personally to guard us always/2/ and works through all things for our lasting good. One way the Creator's personal love for us overflows is via angels. Their protecting ministry touches us with God’s glory, which they worship eternally, and helps us do so in our limited ways.

1. Psalm 91.11
2. see Psalm 40.11b (RSV): let thy steadfast love and thy faithfulness ever preserve me! Also, United States Catholic Catechism for Adults, Washington, D.C.: USCCB Publishing, 2006, p. 62.

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