Saturday, October 07, 2006

". . .as a living religion. . ."

John L. Allen interviewed Avery Cardinal Dulles, S.J., on Monday. The interview is concise and clear (both are traits for which Cardinal Dulles has long been known). It shines hope on dialog of Christians and Muslims. Plus, it resumes some enlightened ways Catholic theologians of the middle ages proceeded. For example, the Allen-Douglas interview indicated that Nicholas of Cusa (15th Century) said that the Koran could be used to introduce the gospel. Also
Peter the Venerable wrote in the 12th century that in addressing Muslims, Christians should proceed "not as our people often do, by arms, but by words; not by force, but by reason; not in hatred, but in love."

They would have excelled more had they treated Isalm "as a living religion." Cardinal Dulles explained the meaning of that phrase. Treating Isalm "as a living religion" is our project, too.

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