Friday, October 06, 2006

65 and 5

In Europe the past three years three cities--Vienna, Paris, Lisbon--hosted congresses to make the Catholic church more visible in those cities and their respective countries. These congresses happened while the European Union was drafting its constitution, which omitted mention of the Christian roots of Europe.

The fourth congress will be in Brussels, and its name is "Proposing the Gospel." At Brussels, the Church risks being hidden by other multiple centers of interest. So we wish to make the Church at Brussels more visible, to show its place and value," wrote Godfried Cardinal Danneels [photo], archbishop of Malines-Brussels, in a brief message announcing "Proposing the Gospel."

Multiple centers of interest pull people, indeed. Sixty-five percent of Brussels' population of 2.5 million are baptized Catholics, but only 5% practice their faith!

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