Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Monday’s Verdict

A court in Guatemala found that nation’s former dictator, Rios Mott, guilty of massacring indigenous Mayans. Native and other peoples in the Central and South Americas have known violence against them for generations. Some sympathizers of their plight have decided armed struggle alone will lead to liberation from unjust treatment.

In recent history some clergy subscribed to a certain sort of “liberation theology,” which espoused violence. Others sought other ways to support and uplift the poor and marginalized. [Pope John Paul II briefly described liberation theology accepted by the church and needed to serve everyone.]

Pope Francis hails from a South American country once run by a dictator. He is a member of a religious order which made “faith doing justice” part of its identity. What was and is Pope Francis’ attitude? Dominican Alejandro Crosthwaite offered his thoughts.

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