Friday, June 08, 2012

Appreciating the Royal Diamond Jubliee

Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee celebration ended earlier this week. The CSM offered a quiz to help readers answer, “[Are you a] royal neophyte or a hawk-eyed royal watcher?”

At ThinkingFaith Jesuit Anthony Symondson recalled “the unique element of the coronation rite upon which the Queen’s under-standing of her role as a vocation is founded.” He concluded:
Her life is governed by the principles of selfless duty and service; she commands international loyalty. Given the present standards of British political life–the source in republics of presidential candidates–the nation is spared competitive presidential elections and the mediocrity and opportunism of those who participate in them. The cost? The Queen costs the British taxpayer 60p a head per annum, half the price of a loaf of bread, but what she gives in return is inestimable.
Read his post.
Wiki-image of coronation ticket is in the public domain.

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