Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Reform or Crackdown?

Mr. John L. Allen Jr. posted some thoughts about the LCWR story. Rome calls it a “reform,” while media call it “crackdown.” He mentioned that

It’s an open secret that the tones emanating from these two departments [Congregation for Religious and Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith] about women religious in America are rather distinct.Under Brazilian Cardinal João Bráz de Aviz and American Archbishop Joseph Tobin, the Congregation for Religious in the last couple of years has attempted to calm anxieties generated by a wide-ranging apostolic visitation of women’s religious communities in the United States, which recently reached conclusion. (That’s a separate process from the doctrinal review of LCWR; more on that in a moment.)
Read his entire All Things Catholic post of Friday.

Wiki-image of a nuns in procession is in the public domain.

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