Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter Saturday

As they begin to contemplate Jesus’ resurrection, Ignatius of Loyola invited people making the Spiritual Exercises to consider risen Jesus appearing to his mother. Although not in Scripture, that Jesus did so has a long history in the Christian tradition from early saints (like Ignatius of Antioch, Ambrose and Anselm) to later ones (Franciscan Bernardine of Siena and Ignatius of Loyola). Ignatius passed along the tradition he had received, which has roots in the entire church, both East and West.
Mary had received Jesus as her infant as well has his corpse when it was freed from the cross. That her risen son would first visit her is not counterintuitive. On the day of the week honoring Mary, considering that scene is most apt. Becky Eldredge helps people enter it at her post dotMagis blog.
Wiki-image of Mandelbrot set was released into the public domain.

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