Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Spiritual Freedom

God desires all to enjoy a relationship with God. Scripture expressed this desire as the will of God and the relationship as being saved (See 1Timothy 2.3-4). God respects each human’s freedom to accept or reject this saving relationship. People work out this relationship over lifetimes in their vocations.
Sean Gallagher highlighted freedom in a reminder that this is what each person is called to do in life:
In the end, people in all vocations are called to holiness. And the way that this ultimately happens—in every vocation—is through becoming detached from our own will and embracing wholeheartedly God’s will for us.
Read his post in The Criterion Online Edition. [The link to a blog post of Fr. Robert Barron, mentioned though not given, is likely this one.]
Wiki-image of St. Mary Catholic Church, Indianapolis, has been released into the public domain.

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