Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Tenth Anniversary

. . .of 9/11

Catholic Charities USA led its email to subscribers last week with its tribute to those who died because of that tragedy as well as those who continue to serve all in need.
[Source: Catholic Charities USA webmaster@catholiccharitiesusa.org]
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Catholic Charities Remembers 9/11

Catholic Charities USA, in conjunction with Catholic Charities New York and member agencies across the country, will be honoring the 10th Anniversary of September 11th in numerous ways. Join us as we pay tribute to those who lost their lives and to those who continue to serve people in need.

Ways to Remember 9/11 with Fellow CC Members:

  1. Visit the new Catholic Charities commemorative website, generously created by CC New York, which contains comprehensive information on 9/11 memorial events, articles, prayers, and other resources.
    Go to: www.catholiccharities911.org.

  2. Share your personal stories on the Catholic Charities 9/11 Facebook Page.

  3. Visit Rev. Larry Snyder’s blog and engage in the comment thread prompted by his recent post: Reflection on Nine Eleven.

  4. Visit the USCCB website, which contains extensive reflections, remembrances, videos, bishops’ statements, and liturgical resources.

  5. Download a special 9/11 Prayer Service that we’ve created—to be used by anyone, anywhere.

  6. Learn about the MyGoodDeed/HandsOn Network 9/11 Tribute Movement.
We at CCUSA wish to bring together Catholic Charities members from across the country—whether virtually, in person, or in prayer—on this important day of remembrance.

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Marianna said...

Thank you so much for sharing these resources. My team created the commemorative site at Catholic Charities New York -- it was wonderful to be a part of such an important and solemn day of remembrance.