Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Society of Jesus Makes Environment Priority

On Monday Jesuit Fr. Adolfo Nicolás, General Superior of the Society of Jesus, named its "commitment to the defense and protection of nature and the environment," which flowed from its most recent General Congregation (the legislating body of the worldwide religious order). This concern was not new with that congregation. Thirteen years earlier the previous general congregation noted it and began to study the issue.

Uta Sievers, sent the official note from the Curia Press Office, linking to the letter of Fr. Nadal, calling on the entire Society of Jesus to make commitments toward protection of the environment.
On 16 September, Father General has sent a letter to the whole Society on the question of ecology. It encourages the Society to make a commitment to the sustainability of the planet and invites Jesuits to review personal, communal and institutional lifestyles and practices in accordance with this mission of reconciliation with creation. It also stresses the need for a change of heart, that manifests our gratitude to God, to acquire a consistent commitment to its care.

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