Tuesday, January 19, 2010

While Eyes Are on the Western Hemisphere. . .

. . .a massive earthquake in the Eastern Hemisphere may have become more likely.

Things in Haiti remain dire, and efforts to help its people remain in high gear. Before the quake word about the possibility of a dire earthquake preceded it. Forecasting earthquakes eludes seismologists and other geoscientists.

September last year saw another earthquake rock Indonesia. Situated in the Ring of Fire because many volcanoes are both below and above in that area of the vast Indian Ocean. Today's Science Daily reports that
The earthquake which rocked Padang, western Sumatra in September last year killing more than 1000 people was not the 'great earthquake' which earth scientists are waiting for. In fact, it may have made the next massive earthquake more likely.
What to do when forecasting quakes isn't possible? "Professor John McCloskey of the University of Ulster, who was the lead author of the study and an internationally respected authority on Sumatran earthquakes, has issued the following appeal to the international community." Prepare on a large scale.
"We can't continue to refuse to accept the inevitable; earthquakes happen, they kill people, they will kill more and more people if we [governments and non-governmental organisations] don't organise ourselves properly. We must start now."

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