Monday, March 09, 2009

Legislative & Executive: Different With Similarity

Certain initiatives flow through and out of Congress. Some actions can be executive decisions of the President. Two examples:

1. Freedom of Choice Act[FOCA] is an example of legislation. It has a long history, which has "languished," in the words of one Catholic News Service article of November last year. The Catholic Church voiced its concern and objection, should Congress pass FOCA, about forcing health care providers to provide abortions if it is against their consciences.

2. The Provider Refusal Rule is a federal Regulation, which protects hospitals, physicians, nurses and other health care providers for whom abortions contradicts their consciences. [See background with the position of the U.S. Catholic Bishops.] The Provider Refusal Rule can be rescinded by executive decision. President Obama has expressed his willingness to rescind it. The process to do so requires a 30-day "public comment" period. This one began 06 March 2009.

Registering comments with the White House may be registered at 202.456.1111; or through its switchboard, 202.456.1414.

While rescinding this rule concerns the United States, conscience is not limited by borders. A 2007 "Vatican assembly of health care professionals and others...explored how conscience plays out in the daily choices of Christian health care workers, scientists, legislators, lawyers, and others as they confront life and death issues."
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