Monday, March 23, 2009

Economy and the Younger Generation. . .

. . .specifically Generation Y

Today's Christian Science Monitor examines the impact of the economy on the 20-somethings of today. They have no less to worry about, but, writes the correspondent,
Signs suggest that the very characteristics Gen- Y-ers are often ridiculed for – self-awareness, assertiveness, relentless positivity, etc. – are what will help us emerge from this economic crisis with our livelihoods and our sanity still intact.
The article begins by recalling an image many of the "Gen- Y-ers" may have never seen. The author referred to the "Migrant Mother" by Dorothea Lange. It is well described as the "most iconic image to emerge from the devastating Depression of the which a desperate-looking woman, her face heavy with weariness, holds an infant in her arms while her other children cling to her shoulders."

The image is part of a set. The set helps us appreciate her weary distress. The CSM article reminds that what an older generation criticizes in a younger may be traits, which will help it "emerge intact."
Wiki-image of Migrant Mother is in the public domain.

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