Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Picture of Persecution Today

In the secular and democratic nation of India Christians are suffering persecution in no single area. Orissa, an east-central state, has seen it yet again; Karnataka, the state in which the city of Bangalore is located, saw persecution of Christians for the first time--to name only two states.

The Indian Prime Minister “himself. . .has recognized that this is a ‘national disgrace’ for India, an evident contradiction of the great values of non-violence, tolerance and respect, which the religions of this great country have cultivated for centuries.” [Source: Zenit]

A recent article in the New York Times depicted what is happening in an accurate fashion, according to an Indian Jesuit priest, who teaches theology in his country and is currently studying in the United States.

The perpetrators of this religious persecution offer all sorts of justifications. The fact that it happens at all urgently calls people to ponder the meanings of secular and democracy.

More information with a timeline of recent events are at People for Peace in India.
Wiki-image of India States and Union Territories map by Planemad is used under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.o Unported license.

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