Friday, October 17, 2008

Gazing Action

Lectio divina has arisen repeatedly in the Synod devoted to God's word. [A summary list of topics thus far has been formulated as 19 questions.]

In addition to quietly reading a passage from scripture, lectio divina aims to help a person personally engage the passage. The engagement is not limited to the intellect; it seeks to

"Auxiliary Bishop Santiago Silva Retamales of Valparaiso, Chile, made a concrete presentation of this type of prayer that lasted some 20 minutes." The summary of his presentation listed seven points and described the fruit of five years of praying with scripture this way in his diocese.

Reading, rereading in a meditative way leads to
contemplation, aided by silence or music. What is important, the bishop said, is that "Jesus takes hold of me, looks at me and I at him, an exchange of gazes."
The outcome of this engagement with Jesus through the divine word is action--a concrete way Jesus, through his word, guides and graces individuals to put into practice in their daily lives.

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