Friday, June 27, 2008

"Ten Commandments" for Catholic life today

Mr. John L. Allen Jr. this week happened to speak at the same event as Fr. Ronald Rolheiser. Mr. Allen took notes of the "'Ten Commandments' for Catholic life today," which Fr. Rolheiser offered.

His column also included comment on an inconclusive vote by the bishops at their annual summer meeting. Trying to approve texts for liturgical use is not easy because translation of them from the original Latin cannot be mechanical and then expected to be readily understood or to echo within people's spirits.

The bishop, who intervened to make the vote inconclusive, did not make petty criticisms of words but raised “'structural and semantic' issues." The translating body considered Bishop Victor Galeone's criticism worthy of a response, some of which Mr. Allen quotes, giving us a feel for the difficulty of translating liturgical texts.

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