Thursday, April 12, 2007

New PBS Religion & Faith Program

Jonathan Oglesby, Producer, This Is America, announced "I Believe," a new PBS Religion/Faith program.
The first of 26 episodes focuses on Roman Catholicism through an interview with William Cardinal Keeler in Baltimore.

It is also available for online viewing now via our website at
Check local listings for viewing on television.

Ned McGrath, Communications, Archdiocese of the Detroit, made this recommendation.
This information came to my office late Wednesday. Had not heard of the this program and was hesitant to give it a plug, which is what the producer wanted, especially on such short notice. But the fact that former Detroit broadcaster Dennis Wholey is the host piqued my interest enough to look at this week's premier episode, which happens to be about Catholicism and includes Baltimore's Cd. Keeler. It's really quite good. A nice pace and conversational flow. The broadcast time is not the best, providing yet another occasion to put your VCR or DVR to work. It's also available online.

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