Friday, April 13, 2007

Campaign to Reduce Poverty in America

Catholic Charities has launched a blog to accompany its Campaign to Reduce Poverty in America.

Catholic Charities USA described why it launched this blog:
The new Campaign blog allows anyone interested in reducing poverty in America to read what's new, instantly respond to messages and retrieve current, valuable ideas and resources. Blogging allows you to easily search and archive a comprehensive anthology of Campaign activities, news stories, field events, etc.

The success of the Campaign blog hinges upon current, compelling content that encourages you to return day after day. We will strive to include interesting and thought-provoking content so that you will be compelled to voice your opinion, share your ideas and express your concerns. CCUSA hopes that this Campaign blog will help to create a sense of community and serve as a way to learn what agencies and individuals across the country are doing to reduce poverty in America.

CCUSA hopes this blog will continue the discussion on poverty and move more people to take action.
Visit its Campaign blog to learn more about poverty and how someone's dinner might reduce poverty.

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