Saturday, December 30, 2006

Now Some Audio Assistance To Begin Praying

"God on Your Pod" has proven to be a most successful venture by the Jesuit Media Initiative in Europe.
By 1st December the number of the daily prayer sessions downloaded had topped one million, representing clicks from people all over the world. Peter Scally, Director of Jesuit Media Initiatives, confesses to being stunned by the success of the project. “Pray-as-you-go seems to be tapping into a real need that people feel in their lives - the need to pray.” He is convinced that “the busier people get, the more they notice that lack in their lives, the more they yearn for at least a moment of peace and reflection, a moment of prayer”.

... Pray-as-you-go can be found at

I have added to the blog Spiritual Exercise for the Week (link to it from this page; see the a link to the Breathing Exercise found at Pray-As-You-Go. It is a great way to prepare one's prayer. It is an MP3 file, to which you may listen at your computer and even download to your iPod or other MP3 player.

Quotation from the News Bulletin, Jesuits in Europe, 29 December 2006.

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