Monday, December 18, 2006

Monday word, 18 Dec 2006

Third Advent Monday (18 Dec 2006) Jer 23. 5-8; Ps 72; Mt 1. 18-25
Homily of Fr. Paul Panaretos, S.J., at the McGregor Home (Assisted Living; Full Care facility)
Two Sisters

Where was Joseph when he had that dream of his? in his home? He need not have been there. He could have been at his workshop where he repaired, designed and constructed out of wood and stone necessities for daily living.

What were his thoughts before he dreamed? He may have been pondering the house of David from which he traced his descent. Would not that have been likely: Joseph considering his roots as he gazed forward into his future with his betrothed, Mary?

Times of wholesome, absorbed self-reflection as that open us, and God recognizes a time to reveal us to ourselves. Our bible often calls such divine revelation a dream. Our experience tells us we all have both sleeping dreams and waking dreams. How attentive are we to how God desires to communicate to us? Consider Joseph.

Joseph was in a bind when he learned that Mary was found to be with child from the Holy Spirit. Perplexed as he was, he refused to be anything but humane toward her. He courageously responded to God inviting him to stand by Mary, his betrothed.

Joseph reminds me of these words of Pope Pius XII: "True religion and profound humaneness are not rivals. They are sisters." True religion and profound humaneness do not demand explanations. They seek the most real, Jesus, whom we await; Messiah Jesus, who Joseph, son of David, long awaited.

Joseph became one more partner in the Incarnation. In the fullness of time a faithful man, with a faithful woman, would restore blessings on all children of Adam and Eve. Let your prayer be a waking dream. Consider how Jesus presented himself to you: in helpers, social directors; one another; all who make McGregor your home. Jesus is born daily in humble, simple ways.

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