Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ironic Timing

In the United States 1 in 5 people have no belief, according to this Pew Forum study. The study calls them “nones,” and that moniker is already a Twitter hashtag: #nones. The study indicated “one in three U.S. adults under 30 are now considered nones.”

     The studys timing is ironic in light of the current General Synod of Bishops with its theme of the new evangelization. “Fraternal delegates” (non-Catholics) are making interventions along with the bishops. Bishop Gerald F. Kicanas blogged what one fraternal delegate said yesterday:
One fraternal delegate from the Lutheran church indicated that the synod is crucial to all Christian churches. All are eager to recover the joy of believing. He expressed concern that so many were not bringing their children to be baptized  He rejoiced that we no longer have to condemn one another but we have learned to respect one another and strive together for deep internal renewal. We need an ongoing renewal for all Christians.
Evangelizers will need renewal to make the good news good enough for nones and others to consider seriously.

P.S. For readers wondering what a synod is, what it can accomplish and what is the new evangelization: here’s a Q&A by Mr. John L. Allen Jr. for the NCR.
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