Friday, July 01, 2011

Interplay: Dancing for Everyone

The variety of ministries Jesuits undertake is staggering. On a recent visit from Mumbai, India, to the West, Jesuit Fr. Prashant Olalekar discovered Interplay and returned home with it. Interplay is a “movement meditation.” According to a National Jesuit News post
Fr. Olalekar conducts classes with Interplay India and brings movement and dance to those seeking spiritual guidance and connections.

Olalekar takes his Interplay technique across Mumbai to those living in the poorest of conditions, in the slums and in the streets. Through his teachings, he strives to show a mind/body connection and has even taken his practice to those who have been cut off from any sort of movement whatsoever. . . .

Hear Fr. Olalekar discuss Interplay in the video.

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