Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Solemnity of Ss. Peter and Paul

The "foundations" of the Roman Catholic Church are celebrated together each year. The British Jesuit website, Thinking Faith, offers a reprise of its Year of St. Paul articles, beginning with Who Was St. Paul? (Links to other featured articles follow at the end.) Jesuit Fr. James Martin wrote about Peter's humanity.

The Church remembers that both Apostles were martyred in Rome. A basilica replaced the earlier church, which had been built atop the site of Peter's crucifixion--Basilica of St. Peter. St. Paul Outside the Walls was built atop the burial site of Paul after his beheading.

Their solemnity this year recalls that Pope Benedict launched with a tweet an electronic Vatican news service, (see yesterday's video-post below). Today's English-language site headlines that "historic tweet."
Wiki-image of Bernini's baldachino is in the public domain.

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