Sunday, May 01, 2011

Interviews at 35,000 Feet

Bill Blakemore of ABC News recalled Pope John Paul's candid interviews, which he gave reporters only when he was in flight.

Mr. Blakemore recalled his favorite exchange of the late pope with another journalist.
I was standing close in with him and a British reporter on my left -- who asked him, sounding just a little imperious, "Holy Father! How, in a world in which hundreds of thousands of children are born into certain squalor and suffering every month, can you possibly be against artificial birth control?!" The Holy Father, closely watching his questioner's face, answered, "The answer is, as it always was, responsible parenthood."

Not to be outdone, my colleague shot back, "Yes, but what is responsible parenthood?!"

Not to be outdone, John Paul, leaning in a bit, paused for the briefest moment and, looking deep into my colleague's eyes, said in a low and quiet voice: "You know."

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