Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Eight Days of Easter Praise

The Easter Season is 50 days. Yet, each of the first eight days, its Octave, is celebrated as Easter Day. The church tastes one gospel after another about resurrection and follows the disciples through the first four chapters of the Acts of the Apostles: the effect the resurrection had on them. Resurrection shapes the church's sacramental life and its mission in the world.

Basilian Father Thomas Rosica described the ongoing effect of resurrection on the church this way:
Jesus’ victory over death belongs to the Church’s ongoing pastoral and sacramental life and its mission to the world. The Church is the community of those who have the competence to recognize Jesus as the Risen Lord. It specializes in discerning the Risen One.
Fr. Rosica also weaves the words of Pope Benedict's Jesus of Nazareth, volume 2, in his "Salt and Light" blogpost. Read the entire post, which includes a link to the pope's book.

Wiki-image of Resurrection is in the public domain.

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