Monday, April 19, 2010

Preparing for Sunday. . .

. . .each week

St. Louis University began a website some years ago to help people prepare themselves to enter Sunday Eucharistic liturgies and emerge from them renewed as worshipers and as disciples. It offers a 2-minute video to present itself.

The site has integrated several aspects of liturgy: scriptures (readings and psalms); prayer; music; history; Catholic social teaching; and more. The growth of the site and its use has secured its place on the web; and its integration of various aspects of liturgy has established it as a comprehensive site for Catholics to visit regularly.

The site has begun to request donations to support it; however, entry is free. At its FAQ page, it offers this response to the question one might ask about need for financial support.

Why do you need my financial support?
Our ministries at the Center for Liturgy rely entirely on outside support. While we are housed on the campus of Saint Louis University, we are responsible for raising all of the money each year to fund our programs. The Center has just three employees with several dedicated volunteers to keep our operating costs low.
Bookmark and visit the Center for Liturgy Sunday Website to prepare for Sunday mass.

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