Monday, December 29, 2008

Green Resolution

Resolving is part of entering each new year. "Green is the New Black," some say. Environmental activist, Josh Dorfman "believes in creating stylish, innovative and convenient solutions to environmental challenges." That is description is found in the About Josh corner of a page of a site dedicated to reducing the use of plastic water bottles.

Few bottles get recycled, which is unfortunate for the environment first and then for humans and other living creatures. Resolutions need not be complicated. Check the 1 Minute Greenovers below About Josh.

Tbis page is part of the Filter For Good website. Brita, the maker of home, tap-water filter systems, is only one sponsor. People the world over need to seek and carry water, and the water is not always potable. Those efforts make filtering tap water an easy and friendly effort to save our resources.
Wiki-image of falling water is used according to the GFDL.

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