Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hurdles for Catholic Charities

Earlier this month, Mr. John L. Allen Jr. noted that Catholic identity faces challenges. In his 01 February 2008 column of "All Things Catholic," Mr. Allen began:
Without a doubt, the push for robust assertion of traditional Catholic identity is the most consequential mega-trend in the life of the church today, and it is also the core of Benedict XVI's agenda as pope. ...

Most recently, identity pressures are beginning to swell among church-run charities and social service agencies.
This is a complex issue that admits to no simple answers, although many may be tempted to use simple answers. The complexity stems in part from the different forms challenges to Catholic identity take.

The third section of his column was about the Jesuit's General Congregation, which may have reached its half-way point. The second section is about one Jesuit of note.

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