Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Invitation To Pray With the Jesuits' General Congregation

Passing along this invitation to all interested in the success of the 35th General Congregation of the Society of Jesus.

Soyez là! Be there! ¡Contamos con vosotros! Unitevi a noi!

During the General Congregation, and especially during the

second part that started on January 21 that is dealing with the future

and the commitments of the Society of Jesus in the world,

all Jesuits, with their collaborators, benefactors and friends,

can join with the delegates through prayer.

Be there, in the virtual

Prayer Room

of the General Congregation

There are two ways:

A) Each day, you can find on the webpage the prayers

that are being used by the members of the Congregation during their

meetings.These prayers can be used for personal or community prayer;

B) You can also send YOUR OWN prayers for the Congregation or for the Society

(in the language of your choice) to the following address:

The communication team will post a number of them on the site.

Thank you for your participation to the Congregation through prayer.

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