Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Birth Centennary of Pedro Arrupe, S.J.

Jesuit Fr. Pedro Arrupe became the 28th General Superior of the Society of Jesus in 1965. He guided the Society during the years between sessions of the Second Vatican Council and afterward. TIME Magazine featured him on the cover of its 23 April 1973 issue.

Fr. Arrupe suffered a debilitating stroke in August 1981 and endured it with patience for over 9 years until his death in February 1991. He composed this prayer after his stroke:
More than ever I find myself in the hands of God.
This is what I have wanted all my life from my youth.

But now there is a difference;
the initiative is entirely with God.

It is indeed a profound spiritual experience
to know and feel myself so totally in God's hands.

* * *

The forward of an Orbis Book of Pedro Arrupe: Essential Writings noted that he "was a spiritual master in the line of John the Baptist." Fr. Arrupe always pointed to Jesus.

Jesuit houses, parishes, schools and other works remember him in particular ways.

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