Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday word, 12 Oct 2007

Friday, 27th Week (12 Oct 2007) Jl 1.13-15; 2.1-2; Ps 9; Lk 11. 15-26
Homily of Fr. Paul Panaretos, S.J.
Seeing Isn’t Believing

Difference in culture and time have a sleight-of-hand effect on our hearing about ancient healings in general, Jesus’ healings in particular and the controversy we heard in the gospel selection today.

Contemporaries from the era of Jesus offer us description that align with the ways the gospels describe Jesus healing ministry. Healers existed among the Jews. The point of the controversy with Jesus is not about healing but about Jesus’ call that with him one cannot be neutral. Seeing was not believing for those whose hearts were hard against Jesus.

Luke previewed the identity of the stronger one in this gospel selection when Luke recalled John the Baptizer had said before Jesus appeared on the scene, “I am baptizing you with water, but one mightier than I is coming.”/1/

We are all tempted to be neutral, at best, or even opposed to Jesus at times. The world around us can move us to ask the spirit of Jesus to give us greater courage and conviction to take Jesus at his word more and more.

Jesus, the stronger one, is already among us and desires to share our journeys through life. Jesus has transformed everything, including the day of the Lord, which was long thought to be darkness and gloom. The gospels remind us that when the day of the Lord Jesus will not be dark because Jesus will come in his glory./2/ One opening invocation at Mass reminds us that Jesus “will return in glory with salvation for [his] people.” We are among his people, whom Jesus protects.

/1/ Luke 3.16

/2/ See, for example, Matthew 25. 31.

Wiki-image of Jesus healing the demon-possessed is in the public domain.

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