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Senate Fails to Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform

From Catholic Charities

June 29, 2007
Volume 1 Number 4

Inside the Special Issue on Immigration:

Senate Fails to Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform
Catholic Charities USA Calls for Accountability
Save the Date in July: Upcoming Webinars on Immigration

Senate Fails to Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform

On June 28, the comprehensive immigration reform proposal (S. 1639) collapsed in the U.S. Senate after several weeks of talks and negotiations. The Senate failed to achieve the 60 votes needed to limit debate, and clear final way for passage of the legislation. The 46 to 53 vote on the legislation crossed party lines, with 33 Democrats, 12 Republicans, and 1 Independent voting in favor of allowing the bill to proceed for final passage. There were 37 Republicans, 15 Democrats and 1 Independent opposing the effort. To see how your member voted, please click here.

According to various reports, it is unlikely that the Senate will return to immigration this year and uncertain if the House will take the issue in the near future. However, Catholic Charities USA will stay committed and continue to push for a just and fair comprehensive immigration reform. Please see below for Catholic Charities USA’s statement on the failure of the Senate to pass comprehensive immigration reform and our call for accountability.

Please click here for a Washington Post article on what occurred this week in the Senate. For more information on the immigration debate, please also visit the Justice for Newcomers website or the Justice for Immigrants (JFI) Campaign website.

For more information on immigration, please contact Lucreda Cobbs, Director of Immigration and Special Population Policy, at

Catholic Charities USA Calls for Accountability as Congress Fails to Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform; Urges Continued Efforts To Find Agreement

Rev. Larry Snyder, president of Catholic Charities USA, issued the following statement on the Senate pulling the immigration bill from the floor.

“The Senate’s inability to pass fair and comprehensive immigration reform is a monumental failure for our country.

“Our nation needs its leaders to find compromise solutions to solve our toughest challenges. Today’s action to give up on the bill leaves in place the status quo – a deeply flawed, untenable, and much-criticized immigration system that is desperate need of reform.

“Sadly, just as our nation prepares to celebrate its birthday, the U.S. Senate has turned its back on Lady Liberty and the 12 million immigrants living in fear who yearn to breathe free and achieve the American dream.

“This must not be the end of the efforts by Congress this year to reform our broken immigration system. This requires a humanitarian solution not partisan politics. Catholic Charities USA calls on the Senate to show leadership and try again to find agreement on comprehensive immigration bill. Too much is at stake for our country, for immigrants and their families who are seeking a better life, and for our nation’s security.”

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