Tuesday, March 06, 2007

"Boom Cycle" For Church's Ecology Efforts

The Catholic Church influences culture. Often those efforts are born because culture's influence on the church. Vatican commentator John L. Allen Jr. is writing a book about mega trends in the church emerging in this millennium. In December 2006 he offered two lists of mega-trends: those shaping the Catholic Church; and "missing mega-trends" shaping it. One of the missing trends was ecology--initially.

In his March 2d "All Things Catholic" column on things Mr. Allen has noted forces converging to influence him to put ecology on his list of mega-trends."What this implies, it seems to me, is that today's ecological sensitivity within Catholicism, however nascent it remains, will soon encounter a political climate which encourages its rapid development."As Mr. Allen noted, this is not different from the way the church began to caution about unlimited nuclear development.
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